Build a better marriage

I have been reading Reader’s Digest since I was maybe 7 years old. I love the magazine! It contains so many wonderful stories, inspiring narratives, really funny jokes, informative articles, etc.  For the past three years, a couple of my titas, knowing how much I love RD, gifted me with year long subscriptions of the magazine which I super duper loved.  Ngayong taon, wala nang nagbigay sa akin. Hahaha! Since I’m trying to be on tipid mode, I didn’t subscribe and I just buy from the newsstand when I feel I have extra money. (Tsaka reasoning ko I can always go to their website for the articles.) This month though, I bought Reader’s Digest and I found these really simple reminders on how to make marriages better.


Marriage may be a two-way street, but that doesn’t mean you should travel in oppos­ite directions. Experts know what steers good marriages; here are some couple-strengthening  tips:

Talk, but don’t talk back. Tell your partner how you feel and what you need. When you’re the listener, don’t criticise, debate, dismiss or problem-solve. Recognise that your partner’s concerns are as import­ant as yours.

Be optimistic. Keep your comments positive – even when discussing problems – and make the effort to remember and appreciate the good in your relationship.

Learn to leave an argument before it’s out of control. Tactics include cracking a joke, showing appreciation and backing down.

Share your dreams. And find a way to help your spouse realise his or hers.

Be flexible. When your spouse asks you to be accommodating, try.

Go on a date. Couples need time as two­somes, to reconnect.


This article can also be read in Do register and visit their site. Super dami gandang articles! 🙂


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  1. Thanks for sharing this tips… =)

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